Review: Jagwire Road Pro brake cable kit

I’ve always likes a good cable set. But I don’t like changing them when they get draggy.  So is a really good cable set going to give us ‘cross racers that bit more longevity?

I’ve only just fitted these dashingly celeste blue cables to the workhorse ‘cross bike. This particular bike currently has HY/RD cable-actuated hydraulic disc calipers on and I know of a number of people who have really struggled with the drag that a full-length rear cable housing in particular can give. The perfect bike for a long term test as what looks like another long wet autumn and winder approaches.

Initial thoughts

I’ve fitted these with the intention of seeing how they perform over the long term.  Most cables are pretty decent straight on the bike and it’s only when they’re exposed to decent use that they start to differentiate. But the feel on immediate fitting is LIGHT as you like. There seems to be absolutely no drag or lag – even on that long rear cable, which is obviously a positive sign.

UPDATE – after 5 months use

These were fitted towards the end of the season but stayed on the bike for a good few ‘easy / gravel’ rides afterwards. Very impressed wit the longevity. The stainless inners stayed very clear and there was next-to-no drag.

Outers seemed to retain their resilience and despite a few bangs etc were still strong. No corrosion to the coloured plastic outside to speak of.

Recommended cables!

Cables?  Why spend on cables?!

Cables are often the poor cousin when it comes to bike maintenance and upgrades. They’re not particularly attractive and add little or no bling to your bike. But, to use the old adage, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Cables can be the unsung heroes of both transmission and braking. And in a sport where muck is available in quantities larger than we’d often like, the smooth running of your cables can make a surprisingly large difference.

Tech info

The cable housing uses a 5mm kevlar® reinforced compressionless outer with a L3 liner. The ‘compressionless‘ part of that is important. Brake cables normally have radial wrap but these are built on the same principle as gear cable with longitudinal wires packed into the liner. That gives the ‘no-lag’ feel but comes at the small expense of not being quite so pliable.

Jagwire have dealt with that well by thinking out the most bendy part of the cable (the handlebar top part).  The cable outer here switches to a radial wind (that Jagwire call ‘EZ-Bend’) and is colourless (but under the bar tape…!)

Housing Length: 1700mm
Cables: Slick stainless, with slightly different ends for SRAM® and Shimano®
Cable Length: Front 850mm, Rear 1650mm
Small Parts: Open alloy ferrules, donuts, Tube Tops, tips and 2 EZ-Bend segments

Where to buy

Jagwire are distributed by Moore & Large in the UK so have a large distribution network.

Retail price is around £30 or less

Buy Jagwire on Wiggle >>
Buy Jagwire on ChainReactionCycles >>

What’s in the box?

Well… quite a lot’s in the box, really. Rather neatly packaged in recycled cardboard, the cables ooze luxury before you’re even fitted them.

There’s a good number of ferrules and crimp ends.. the kind of thing you’d expect, but also plenty for a number of cuts along the way if your bike’s routing requires it.

The cable outer is generous in length, too.I had two full-length runs on the bike I fitted to for discs and there was almost a metre to spare afterwards. Good stuff.

There are also instructions. Oodles of instructions. Jagwire have invested a lot of thought into a Rolls Royce of cables here. They want you to invest care and attention in installing them. Not only for safety, but for good, slick, smooth-running cable longevity.

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