Review: The Cyclocross Bible

All bases covered - a monster read for the cyclocross fan, newbie or seasoned expert.

Inspiring and thorough. 10/10

Everything. That answers your question, doesn’t it? The book has everything. Seriously. Everything.

When you go about producing… no… CREATING a book with a title like this, you need to make it pretty thorough. And that’s what it is. 246 cyclo-cross packed pages of everything. History, opinion, technique, lifestyle, diet, planning, training, bike prep, race strategies, race guides, pit technique, and all of it to the nth degree.

A book that must have taken a great deal of effort to put together also takes a great deal of effort to read. So much so, that it’s taken me since June to properly get through it. The level of detail is mind-blowing. I could imagine mind-numbing for some, but there again, not too many, since cyclocross is a sport that attracts the obsessives, the afficionados, the perfectionists, and the students of great detail. (That’s why you’re here, right?).

Alex Forrester has had a thorough and envious backgound in the sport. Like most British riders, he competed religiously at club level whenever he can. When he can’t, it’s because he’s riding a National level event or even popping over to the low countries to ply his trade amongst the world’s greatest. Experiece? Yes – with 18 3 Peaks completed in only his first year as a v40, he’s done a lot in his time. But this book is… well – what a great achievement.

The book itself is a nice spread of head-down reading, some well sources and well planned photos, and great geeky info boxes and graphs. As I mention above, it’s a long read and not like a novel. You simply need to put it down frequently to digest stuff, to go off and do further research on things it’s brought to the fore in your mind, and … well … to go and get out on the bike.

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