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About a zillion cyclocross videos

Just found this site… and I thought I was an obsessive geek…. In particular, enjoyed some footage of Johan Museeuw in a cyclocross in 1992… just wish the big roadies would do that these days.

The lord giveth

The lord giveth

Loads of Cyclocross Blogs

This has been the year things seem to ahve galvanised themselves. Web 2.0 was always going to take a while to filter through but there are just tonnes of enthralling cyclocross blogs out there now. I’ve tried to dot the latest posts from some around the sidebars of the site… there are stacks more, stacks more really good ones, too… probably best to read some of the ones linked fr ...[Read More]

Little Belgium… Europe comes to New England

Little Belgium is an impressive new cyclocross film from the US made by 14 year old Andy Frothingham. It features seven New England cyclocross races from the 2007 ‘cross season. The movie includes exciting action and interviews with top pros including Tim Johnson, Jesse Anthony, Jeremy Powers, Lynne Bessette, Mark McCormack, Rebecca Wellons, Anna Milkowski and Adam Myerson. It also features an int ...[Read More]

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