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    stan boyd

    Anyone know if the planet x carbon tub 38mm wheels can be converted to thru axles ??

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    Dave Haygarth

    Interestingly, I’ve asked them the same question a few days back but the answer is no – or not yet, anyway.  Well, sort of no.  I’m trying to see if there’s a conversion kit with the hub supplier but it’s not looking too good at the mo.

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    stan boyd

    Cheers Dave, I thought they where novatec hubs and would convert like my cxd clinchers, but they’re not , tried to ask what hubs they where but not much forthcoming with an answer

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    Simon Pickard

    We can supply thru axle disc hubs 24/24 or 24/28 11speed,£100 a pair  15mm front 12mm rear or full tubular wheels


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    andrew carr

    can the novatec hubs be converted to through axle ? thanks in advance

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    stan boyd

    My novatec cxd wheels came with all the thru axle conversion’s needed , think bout 4 different ones

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    andrew carr

    Will have to find out which model hubs the wheels have to see if they will convert and if they sell the kits

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