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    Simon Clawson

    I did my first cross race this weekend and I was squirming all over the place on the Frylands Wood Scout Camp, Addington course. Talking to some guys after there are two main issues tyre pressure and tyres.

    I thought I had took the advice of letting loads of air out of my tyres. I went down to 40 psi.  Too much everyone said!  I need to be running 23-25psi, and a top end max of 30psi.  Point taken I will run lower pressure next race.

    The second was the tyre choice where I used what I had on the bike Conti cross speed. I thought these were going to be bad but I didn’t realise just how bad.

    I’ve seen some Challenge Grifos folding and I think the 120tpi versions for £27 which would be the top end of my budget. Would these be a good all-rounder, are there any other tyres, preferably cheaper, that I should be looking at for cross races?

    BTW as I said it was my first ever cross race and although I couldn’t fully enjoy it with the tyres I had a great time and it was a really friendly atmosphere.

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