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    Jared Jedynowicz

    I have a 2016 Giant TCX SLR 2 whith FSA cranks and BB, i’m looking to replace the front gearing with a single chainring but am not sure about needing a chain guide etc…. any advice?

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    Colin Deane

    Was planning on this too but from what I can see, the best option is a sram clutch mech with narrow wide ring, that means practically changing my whole groupset (unless someone knows otherwise?)

    I’m gonna hold off this season in lieu of a new bike in the new year (i’m also still on cantis too)



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    Andy Wainwright

    Hello Fellas

    I’ve been using the Absolute Black chainring. Used it all of last season and all races so far this season, use it with a 105 shortcage rear mech and no catcher……..so far encoutered 1 chain drop only. Awsesome!

    Y’ can keep y’ garlic bread, single ring is the future.    http://absoluteblack.cc/cx-rings.html

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